International Product Developer

with a love of schools of design, visual arts and architecture

ASIMUT software is a global leader in digital scheduling, room booking and event management for higher education in the performing arts (music, theatre, and dance), and the company is growing rapidly.

ASIMUT software has a strong desire to develop and adapt ASIMUT to also encompass higher education within the fields of design, visual arts and architecture, which is why we are looking for an International Product Developer with experience in one of the mentioned educational areas, and who would like to take part in a very exciting journey and the continued growth of ASIMUT software.

As International Product Developer at ASIMUT software, you will have a versatile job as part of a small, dynamic and very international team of highly dedicated people. Your primary function will be to work in the product development team, making mock-ups and prototypes of user interfaces for new features and improvements to existing features. In addition to this, you will become our in-house expert on higher education in the fields of design, visual arts and architecture, responsible for ensuring that we take into account the specific requirements of these areas as we develop our software. You will also assist our sales and marketing people with ad hoc layout and content creation tasks in InDesign, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

If this sounds like you, we think you might fit right in here at ASIMUT software.

The company

ASIMUT software is located in Aarhus, Denmark. Around 70 academies in 21 countries are already using ASIMUT, including eight of the world’s ten best schools of performing arts (according to the independent QS-index). We aim to reach the same position within the field of higher education in design, visual arts and architecture.

Several of your future colleagues have a background in music and the performing arts, and we are all passionate about the arts – as we hope you are, too!

Role summary

Your employment will start with a research and training phase that will prepare you for the job and lay the groundwork for ASIMUT’s expansion into the market of higher education within design, visual arts and architecture. This phase will consist of researching and identifying the leading international institutions of higher education in the field, and analysing how the requirements of these institutions differ from the majority of ASIMUT’s existing customers. The initial research and training phase will gradually transition into the following more permanent job functions:

General product development: Almost everyone at ASIMUT is involved at some level in developing ideas for improvements and new features, but the process of converting ideas into actionable development specifications is generally handled by Mads, our CEO and founder, in close dialogue with Dennis, our Head of Customer Relations. You will become part of this process, creating mock-ups and semi-functional user interface prototypes for new functionalities, and editing the development specification documents. We would like to strengthen and develop this process, focusing on rapid prototyping and UX testing.

Market segment expert: We currently have a handful of customers in the field of design and visual arts, and we are regularly in contact with institutions in this field that are interested in ASIMUT, without any direct efforts to market ASIMUT to this type of customer. Although ASIMUT in its current form has proven its value in this context, our narrow focus on our primary customer group means that there is certainly room for improvement. You will build a special relationship with our current art and design school customers by participating in workshops, user group meetings, support, etc., and ensuring that we take their perspectives into account when developing the product. You will participate in sales demonstrations and dialogue with potential customers in the segment to understand what they are looking for and how we can meet their requirements. When the time is right, you will help to qualify our efforts to more directly market ASIMUT to this segment.

Ad hoc content creation: We have a limited production of various types of content for print and online distribution – brief videos and photos for our website and social media, and printed brochures, banners etc. for our user group meetings, participation in conferences etc. We do some of this work in-house using Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and we expect you to participate in this work.

Skills and requirements

  • We expect you to have some years of experience in a similar role or functional area.
  • You are a self-starter type and good at being focused and persistent when necessary.
  • You are creative, resourceful, possess good graphic skills and have a talent for inspiring others.
  • You are inquisitive and find it easy to acquire new knowledge.
  • You are a people person, helpful and good at building firm relationships. You are solution-oriented, obliging, considerate and a skilled team player.
  • You are also focused, meticulous and systematic, with a drive and a balanced energy that rubs off positively on the people around you.
  • You have a strong sense of tact and of how to secure timely solutions to meet market and customer needs.
  • You have a very strong command of written and spoken English (C2 Mastery)* and master one or more other languages such as Spanish, French or German at a high level (C1 Advanced – C2 Mastery)*. Our internal communication language is English. Danish is not a requirement.
  • You enjoy working with computers and learning to use new software.
  • You are probably an experienced user of the Adobe CS suite, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • It is a definite advantage if you have an educational background in the field of design, visual arts or architecture.
  • It is an advantage if you have any kind of experience with the administration of education, preferably from the higher education sector.

*CEFR – Common European Framework of References for Language.

What else?

  • We are a small company and things are moving fast for us, so you will naturally be an important part of the impact that we make together.
  • Travelling is a part of the job.
  • If you do not live in Aarhus, Denmark, you must be prepared to move here.
  • ASIMUT is a diverse company. We have an informal style with an open atmosphere.
  • The position is full-time, and we would like you to start with us on 1 August 2022, but we are happy to wait for the right person.
  • You will be part of the product development team of five people.
  • You are welcome to contact CEO Mads S. Paldam, at, if you would like to know more, or visit us at

The application

If you also think the job sounds exciting, we will look forward to receiving your application and CV. You can apply via the link below. The final date for receipt of applications is 27 May 2022, at twelve noon Danish time. The recruitment process consists of the following elements: first interview 13 June, second interview 22 June. Personal profiles will be drawn up for candidates who proceed to the second interview, in advance of the meeting. An external consultant will be involved in the recruitment process.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Deadline: 27th May 2022, 12:00 pm CET


Søren Wagner Hansen
Tlf.: +45 42430080

Application deadline:
27th May 2022, 12:00 pm CET

Søren Wagner, COLO