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Meet our team

We’re passionate about the fine arts. Many of us have worked and studied in fine arts for several years, and we’ve built ASIMUT on our knowledge and our experience. Our team is a diverse bundle of people sharing one passion: to make a unique product for unique schools.

Mads Skovbjerg Paldam
CEO and owner | LinkedIn

As the inventor of ASIMUT, Mads has conceptualized and developed ASIMUT from scratch. In 2007 he founded his own company, which now is ASIMUT software.

From his student job as an IT supporter to his position as head of department at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Mads has a solid background of working in fine arts education. He has worked professionally with computers since high school as freelance developer, consultant and CIO in a number of different contexts.

Dennis Jung Møller
Head of Sales and Implementations | LinkedIn

A true multi-talent, Dennis oversees all sales processes, takes on implementation workshops and works in the development and conceptualization of ASIMUT.

Dennis’ passion for music has been accompanied by a passion for IT ever since first grade. He has a degree in rhythmic music from The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus and has been part of the company from the very early years, helping ASIMUT grow into what it is today.

Keenan Linsly
Head of Development | LinkedIn

Keenan leads all development of ASIMUT and has a true talent for translating our users’ needs and wishes into software.

Before he joined ASIMUT software, he consulted on long term IT projects with more than a dozen companies on four continents involving logistics, eCommerce and mobile app development. Originally from Virginia in the US, Keenan has been living in Denmark since 2010, and took his degree in International Economic Consulting at Aarhus University.

Monika Ziegler
Project and Support Management

Monika is the manager of all our projects, oversees our support and facilitates the contact with our German speaking customers.

She has been living in Denmark for several years and took her degree in International Studies at Aarhus University. Her talent for organizing and prioritizing adds important value to our team.

John Kjøller
Development | LinkedIn

Being both a classical singer and a developer, John simply had to be part of our development team!

He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Aarhus and has both been working as a programmer and performing with his internationally renowned band Basix for many years until he joined our team.

Maarten Vruggink

Marc Ernesti
Marketing and Customer Relations

Silvia Bortolotto
Marketing and Customer Relations

Veronika Poulsen
Marketing and Customer Relations | LinkedIn

Veronika coordinates the communication with all our clients and takes care of our blog and social media.

Originally trained as a paralegal, Veronika moved on to the sales business after a couple of years. In her spare time, she enjoys singing in various choirs. Her talents are as widely spread as her language skills – she is fluent in both German, French and English.

Frederik Blæsild Vuust
Marketing and Customer Relations

Frederik works in marketing and customer relations, and edits the media content for our webpage.

Frederik is all about the arts – he has a degree in history of literature, engages actively as a musician and is aiming to become film director. With his many interests and talents, he fits perfectly into our diverse bundle of employees.

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