Event Management

No more disorganized communication. ASIMUT offers a step-by-step approach to planning your public events, from venue reservation to staff allocation, task management and PR work. The integration with scheduling and room booking lets you keep all information in one place, so you don’t need to plan and communicate in multiple systems.

Guildhall actors rehearsing in Milton Court Theatre

Step by step planning

Plan every detail of an event in ASIMUT – from venue reservation to last-minute changes.

Team communication

Enjoy the convenience of communicating with all members of your team on one platform.

Organization of tasks

Store all tasks in the system and assign them to staff like technicians, stewards or catering.

Tailored overviews

From the big picture to the small details – personalize and filter your overviews to see only what you need.

Integrated solution

Benefit from using event management, scheduling and room booking in a single system.

PR assistant

Do your PR work from ASIMUT. Keep all event related information in the system and publish directly, e.g. to your website.

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Timetabling and Scheduling

Scheduling fine arts is an art in itself. ASIMUT handles the complex, individualized and ever-changing nature of your schedules. We know and understand your challenges, as many of us have worked and studied in fine arts.

Room Booking

Replace endless lines of students at your front desk by online self-service room booking through ASIMUT. Design custom rules and regulations that ensure fair and equal access to rooms, and optimize space usage.

Event Management

Make event management part of your overall planning and store all details of your event within ASIMUT. Communicate related tasks in the system and keep everyone up-to-date with changes up to the very last minute.