Room Booking

No more queues. With ASIMUT, your students and staff can book rooms autonomously, guided by a custom set of rules, regulations and prioritizations. Everybody will save time and effort, service level goes up and student satisfaction increases. Welcome to a whole new era.

Custom rules and quotas

Design your own rules, quotas and prioritizations to ensure fair access to rooms for everybody.

Online self service

Allow students and staff to book their own rooms guided by the set of rules that you provide.

Optimal space usage

Let ASIMUT auto cancel unconfirmed bookings and release unused space for booking by others.

Mobile booking

Give students and staff the flexibility to book their rooms on the go using ASIMUT on their phones.

Resource management

Monitor space usage within the system and make sure that all resources are used efficiently.

Improved service level

Witness growing satisfation with increased autonomy and fairness for both students and staff.

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Timetabling and Scheduling

Scheduling fine arts is an art in itself. ASIMUT handles the complex, individualized and ever-changing nature of your schedules. We know and understand your challenges, as many of us have worked and studied in fine arts.

Room Booking

Replace endless lines of students at your front desk by online self-service room booking through ASIMUT. Design custom rules and regulations that ensure fair and equal access to rooms, and optimize space usage.

Event Management

Make event management part of your overall planning and store all details of your event within ASIMUT. Communicate related tasks in the system and keep everyone up-to-date with changes up to the very last minute.