The brand new ASIMUT version 2.17 has now been released. All of our clients will be upgraded as soon as possible, so everybody can benefit from the features and improvements in the new version.

Here’s a selection of what you will find in your ASIMUT system after the upgrade:

ASIMUT Mobile Interface

  • The mobile interface is now being used in a beta version by selected clients

Admin Interface

  • The menu stays fixed at the top of the screen when you are scrolling down
  • Your user interface scales to use the full height of your window
  • When editing an event, the location search now highlights available locations

Event Management Module

  • Info messages will be locked while another user is editing
  • You can now filter events by category in the “Upcoming events” overview

For a complete list of all the improvements please go to the post in the ASIMUT forum here.

By the way: Have you checked out the new slicing function in the admin interface? This clever tool allows you to slice big block bookings into several smaller slots with just one click.