Will you be attending the 2022 AEC Congress in Lyon this year? We from ASIMUT most certainly are!
It has become a great tradition for us to participate in the AEC conference.

We are very excited to be – once more – part of this great meeting, especially because the conference is hosted by one of your customers: Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Lyon.

We’re thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to be an ongoing part of this unique annual gathering for conservatories throughout Europe.

Visit our stand at the Conservatory near the Varese Bar and find out how we help the world’s leading music schools deal with the complexities of their planning. We look forward to meeting you and showing you why ASIMUT is the preferred choice of the world’s leading music schools.

Mads Skovbjerg Paldam

CEO and Founder (EN, DK, ES, FR, DE)
Email: mads@asimut.com
Phone: +45 20 91 88 30

Veronika Poulsen

Customer Relations (DE, FR, EN, DK)
Email: veronika@asimut.com
Phone: +45 53 52 38 84